New year, new blog.

I haven’t blogged in ages, and part of the problem is that the old system on the website was too cumbersome. So now, I’ve gone to a WordPress format and we’ll see how that goes. My website is going to be undergoing a facelift and some changes, so this is just part of it.
In December, I returned to North Wales to begin work on the third Penny Brannigan novel, currently under the exciting working title of Book 3. I stayed in Llandudno, and ventured out every day … sometimes to Llanrwst and sometimes to Conwy. In the new novel, Mrs. Lloyd falls for a con man, and some of the action takes place at Conwy Castle, so I spent some time there. It is a magnificent medieval fortress with a long, rich history. I took lots of photos, some of which I posted on Twitter. I’ll have more to say about it later.
Publishing news is that the paper back edition of The Cold Light of Mourning is coming out in June, 2010.
Here’s the cover:

And the second Penny Brannigan, A Brush with Death, comes out in July, 2010.

This book begins the day after The Cold Light of Mourning ends when Penny starts to sort through Emma’s belongings and realizes her old friend had a sad secret.

There’s a nice theme starting to emerge in the cover art. I think it’s lovely and hope you like it, too!


2 thoughts on “New year, new blog.

  1. The flock gathered North and we South and both viewed the new blog together. We think it’s a bleea-eautiful start. And several baa’s and bleat’s were heard as we scrolled by the covers. The grass under the trees at the time looked quite munchable….now I’m hungry!

    Oh, just a ovine thought, BUT when the artist is creating the next cover, perhaps some sheep viewed from a distance outside of the window? White dots hither and yon over the welsh hills and meadows.

    Never the less, we were mentioned here and there, in THE COLD LIGHT OF MOURNING and Susan enjoyed the characters, their thoughts and personal history coming to light. She can’t wait for July when A BRUSH WITH DEATH appears.

    As befits my status as Ellis The Ram, head of the best flock in the world~~we proudly post first comment.

  2. I read both of Elizabeths books this month – Great, Great, Great !!!

    I am looking forward to book # 3

    It is so nice to read a book and feel like you are actually in the book, right there with the characters and that is how you feel reading E’s books !

    Keep on writing Elizabeth


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