Malice Domestic, Part 1

Left Toronto very early Thursday morning (April 29, 2010) for short flight to Washington.

Eleanor grabs a cup of coffee at the airport

Glad that she didn't have to ride in the luggage, Eleanor keeps an eye out for her case.

Great to be back at Malice Domestic for my fifth year. Volunteered to help stuff book bags. A big job but someone’s got to do it!

These books are made for stuffing

Friday began with a sombre visit to the Pentagon Memorial created to honour the 9-11 victims, then a stroll around Washington.

Eleanor spots a nice house with good grazing possibilities.

Highlight of the opening day of Malice Domestic was the interview with William Link, co-creator of Columbo. I love Peter Falk’s portrayal of Columbo and have seen just about every episode. Mr. Link also co-created, with his business partner Richard Levinson, Murder She Wrote, so he knows a thing or two about creating successful TV crime. His stories of old Hollywood were fascinating. The best villain Columbo never had? Orson Welles. The worst actor he ever worked with? Burt Reynolds. And Peter Falk: “he was a delight to work with but terribly fussy about the scripts. And of course, that’s what made Columbo so great.”

Mr. Link has just published a collection of Columbo short stories and if they’re as good as the TV series, which he assures me they are, I’m in for a treat.

William Link and me


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