Signing at the Sleuth

Three good friends from the old CNIB days gave me a lovely lunch, then we headed to the Sleuth of Baker Street, a mystery bookstore at 1600 Bayview Avenue in Toronto, to sign some books.

Clockwise, from left, Carol, Eve and Elaine

Carol had given me a lovely little sheep to add to my flock and because we were having lunch at the Sunnybrook Restaurant, I decided to call him Sonny (as he is a boy.)

Sonny added a bit of style to the signing table at the Sleuth.

Sonny the adorable sheep

But the fun part was seeing how much Percy, lovely poodle belonging to Sleuth owners J. D. Singh and Marian Misters, liked Sonny.  Anyway, the sales and signing got underway and it was great fun talking to readers who said such nice things about my books.

It's not about me, it's about the sheep

For those of you who don’t know the Sleuth, it’s a fantastic independent bookstore in Toronto dedicated to mysteries, thrillers, suspense books — what they don’t know about the genre isn’t worth knowing. They handle orders from all over Canada and the United States and will find any book for you. Of course, I left with a couple … Peter James’ Dead Like You and The Hangman’s Row Enquiry by Ann Purser. This is the first book in her new Ivy Beasley series and Dead Like You is book six in Peter’s brilliant Roy Grace series, set in Brighton and Hove.

Thank you for hosting us,

So I had a lovely Saturday and I hope you did, too. When I got home I was craving ice cream and desperate for a nap. Had the nap and am hoping there will be ice cream at Sweet Olenka’s this evening with my friend Marlene. Sweet Olenka’s is to ice cream what Sleuth is to mystery books!


4 thoughts on “Signing at the Sleuth

  1. Although new flock member is just arrived, he certainly quickly ‘cottoned on’ to Book Signing duty. I think he will do we rams well, in all his pursuits and duties. Very charming coloring and obviously an attentive listener.

    Today friend of Susan’s, cousin’s ex gf, stopped by. She loved me, of course. Met Esme, Willy, Sullivan, Callopie and Herzig. Kathy works for the Milwaukee Brewers in high position and I think her beautiful. Had my photo taken and when ready will post twitpic.

    So glad to know of Sonny entry into CBF’s flock. Sort of evens out as we asked Kathy if she would like to adopt one of us and as quick as ‘Bob’s your uncle’-flock was -1. But like Sonny-she has a wonderous new home. Sonny rocks and we like Carol….she has good taste in ovines and friends.

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