A view to die for

A lovely lunch today at the home of Elizabeth Musgrave, who, with her husband, Ian, has been renovating a beautiful home in the Welsh countryside for the past five years. Gwenoldy, the name of the property, means Swallows’ Rest. I was fortunate to catch a glimpse of a few of these lovely birds today as they will soon be leaving for their winter homes in Africa. The property features a luxury self-catering cottage which would be such a restful spot for a holiday.

Here are some photos which I hope you enjoy.

The view from the front garden across the valley

Simply stunning

This outbuilding used to be two sties and a bakehouse

The old wood-fired baking oven is quite large

This modern luxury cottage was originally a stable and forge

The main house is a 400-year-old listed property

The gardens are filled with late summer bounty including pears

A corner of the herb garden

Onions dry in the greenhouse

Sweet peas in the cutting garden bring colour and beauty to the house

More flowers in the cutting garden

Rose hips form part of an edible hedge. A sloe plant, as used in making gin, grows beside it

These potatoes were lifted out of the ground this morning for tonight's dinner table

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Five pretty hens have free range of the property. They were great fun to watch

Our perfect lunch included home baked bread, tomatoes from the garden and fresh eggs from Gwenoldy hens

The drive back to Prestatyn station include this spectacular view toward the Dee estuary

Heartfelt thanks to Elizabeth M for the wonderful visit to her home and garden. If you would like to learn more about life at Gwenoldy, located in the Clwydian Hills of NE Wales, visit http://www.gwenoldy.com

or you can read Elizabeth’s blog http://welshhillsagain.blogspot.com/

or follow her on Twitter @gwenoldy


3 thoughts on “A view to die for

  1. It was really good to meet you Elizabeth. What gorgeous photos you took too! I wish I had given you some sweetpeas to take away with you. Forgot all about it until I was driving home. I do hope you come this way again. There are so many wonderful places to tell you about too. Best of luck with the next stage of the book. Have a wonderful time for the rest of this stay in Wales, and many more happy visits to come too!

  2. It was such a beautiful day and I can’t thank you enough for hosting me. I admire the care and attention you give to your land. If I had to choose what I liked best, after visiting with you, of course, I think it would be seeing how lively and fun the chickens were as they went about the business of earning their living. Your birds won the fowl lottery! Just how much you love where you live shows in everything you do! All the best and many thanks again. I am really going to enjoy your blog now!

  3. WOW – fresh potatos for dinner – yum and Lunch looked heavenly.

    I would gain 30 pounds in 2 weeks eating all those goodies

    Love the photos – the first two pics are especially beautiful -I’d love to have a shaded lounge chair in the middle of those fields, a stack of books, my sweet doggie and a cooler of snacks and drinks !

    Hope tomorrow is as nice a day – you seem to be having lovely weather !



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