How the murder went down

Spent another day at Conwy Castle and for those who are following the Penny Brannigan series, starting with The Cold Light of Mourning, here is a pictorial scenario of the murder in the third book, A Killer’s Christmas in Wales, coming spring, 2011.

Penny is sitting on the low wall on the left sketching the entrance to the Great Hall, which was opposite her, when Mrs. Lloyd and Bunny approach. She tells them she has just seen Harry Saunders go past her in the direction of the inner ward, which would be on her left. You can see the cross wall here, which divides the outer ward from the inner. (The royal apartments in the inner ward of Conwy Castle are the best preserved suite of medieval private  royal chambers in England and Wales.)

This area is called the outer ward. It was originally the garrison.

Entrance to Great Hall

Bunny sits on this bench near Penny while Mrs. Lloyd rushes off in search of Harry Saunders.

Bench faces entrance to Great Hall

When the alarm is raised, Penny races across this bridge to the appropriately named Prison Tower and then up the stairs hidden to the right

The last thing Saunders saw before he went over the wall.

Body discovered here

And finally, my favourite - the machicolations in the West Barbican. Murder holes!

I have been having a great time learning about the architecture and workings of a medieval castle. The really amazing thing about this structure is that it was raised in just four building seasons (April to November) between 1283 and 1287 – a stunning achievement.  And amazingly, the castle was whitewashed. In its glory days, it was white! I wonder how they did that …

Conwy Castle is just one of several castles commissioned by Edward 1. You can see many others in the area, including perhaps the most famous one,  Caernarfon, where the investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales was held in 1969.

Here’s a video tour of castle.


One thought on “How the murder went down

  1. Nice Pics Elizabeth,

    Fun to see the setting for the murder in Cold Morning Light !

    Be fun if publishers would put pics like that in books.

    Enjoy tomorrow



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