A day by the seaside

It’s a warm, sunny Bank Holiday Monday in late summer, so everyone in Britain who can, heads to the seaside. I am staying in the North Wales seaside town of Llandudno, a popular seaside destination since Victorian times. I suspect not much, except the clothes,  has changed since then.

The promenade is packed with day trippers

This end of the beach, looking toward Craig y Don isn't so crowded

But it's pretty packed at this end

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) has a boat available in case it's needed. The RNLI saves lives at sea

The RNLI has a cleverly shaped donation box

Donkey rides along the sand are still on offer to children. Here, Joe, Daniel and Josh await.

The Grand Hotel, alongside Llandudno Pier

For your afternoon entertainment you might wish to take in an old-fashioned Punch and Judy show. However, in these PC times, Punch is no longer allowed to have a go at Judy with his whacking stick.

This is my local, The Queen Victoria

I’m not going down the pub today, though. I’m going to write for another couple of hours and then go to Conwy, to Coffee and Books Cafe for coffee and cake. Coffee and cake, cake and coffee, it’s become compulsary. I blame my friend Eirlys.

Editing manuscript at Coffee and Books. Did I mention there is also cake?


One thought on “A day by the seaside

  1. Looks lovely, I think I’d be at the not so crowded end enjoying some peace and quiet !

    Lots of Cake in Wales, sounds like a great place to visit :o)

    hope tomorrow is as nice a day


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