A perfect day out

Met Eirlys in Llanrwst and we drove to Bodnant Garden, about seven miles away. It was a perfect day in late summer to visit these spectacular gardens — sunny and the perfect temperature. The garden was given by the McLaren (Aberconway) family to the National Trust in 1949. It is really a collection of smaller gardens, each one beautiful in its own way, within a larger garden. The terraced gardens near the house are formal and the ones further away are what Eirlys described as “managed wilderness”. A full-time staff of 21 gardeners, plus many volunteers and others keep the garden in showcase condition.

This handsome fellow greeted us at the start of our tour

This peacock has only one display feather left. He’ll grow more by next spring when mating season comes around. I especially liked the crest on his head. A fascinating bird.

Bodnant Hall commands spectacular views

Built in 1792, Bodnant Hall was acquired  by Henry Davis Pochin, who made a fortune in the 19th century as an industrial chemist. The Hall passed on to his daughter, Laura, the first Lady Aberconway, and has been in the family ever since.

The side of the house overlooks terraced gardens with a view to Snowdonia

The famous Laburnum Arch

In spring, the Laburnum arch is dripping with brilliant yellow flowers.

The head gardener posts a report

How do you suppose they trim this hedge so precisely?

Eirlys thinks we spotted head gardener Troy Smith himself pruning rose bushes at the pergola adjacent to the Canal Terrace

A bed of cosmos near the Canal Terrace. We think these used to be rose beds

Here's a good life lesson: if there's an easy way down and a hard way down, take the easy way down.

Traditional benches were everywhere. This one was outside the Old Mill

Hydrangeas reflected in the River Hiraethlyn look like a Monet painting.

And yes, there are two waterlily pools, the Lily Terrace and the Canal Terrace.

The mausoleum

The mausoleum was erected by Henry Pochin as the final resting place for himself and his family. No one knows why he called it The Poem, the name inscribed above this door.

With my friend, Eirlys, right

We had a lovely day in the Garden; everything was perfect from the weather to lunch in the cafe (award-winning sausages, fresh local produce, mashed potatoes with leeks. No wonder Bodnant Garden was voted Britain’s favourite garden by readers of the Daily Telegraph.

And oh yes, did I mention we finished off our day with … coffee and cake!


3 thoughts on “A perfect day out

  1. amazing home and what gorgeous views

    The hydrangea along the lake have to be my favorite, I have never seen them growing by water like that

    Nice to know the day ended with the “traditional” coffee & cake :o)


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