Dolly doing great!

Thank you to those who wrote to me sending kind thoughts for Dolly. The great news is that she’s doing well, better now than she was before her surgery. Her incision healed beautifully, with no infection, although most of the stitches fell out on their own a few days before she was scheduled to have them removed. We had a few problems keeping her bandages on, but devised ways of doing this that involved ACE bandages and old T-shirts.

Pretty in pink bandages

Just a week and two days after her surgery Dolly was well enough to attend Word on the Street in Kitchener, Ontario, with me, my son Lucas, friend Marlene and her little Maltese Angie.

One of us is facing the wrong way

At Word on the Street

I did my reading in the CTV Authors’ Tent just before Louise Penny discussed her newest book, Bury Your Dead. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo with Louise but I’ve met her several times and she is always supportive and great fun. We finished off our visit to Kitchener with a stop at the Coldstone  Creamery and if you love ice cream, as I do, this is the place.

So Dolly’s recovery is going well. She has more energy than she’s had in about a year, so getting that lump removed was absolutely the right thing to do. She positively prances down the street on the way to the park when we begin our morning walk! She is on her medication regime and hopefully, it will prevent the tumour from returning.

Next week I am off to San Francisco for a few days to attend Bouchercon 2010. This will be my first time at that major North American mystery convention and since I’ve never been to San Francisco, either, I decided to combine the two.

I’ll blog from Bouchercon.


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