The TBR list

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you love reading as much as I do. The first place I ever went on my own, about aged seven, was the Peterborough Public Library. Books have always been an integral part of my life, and never more so than now, when I actually get to write them!

But the idea of what is a book is changing very rapidly as we make the transition from traditional paper- based books to electronic books designed to be read on hand held devices. I believe that Kindle, Kobo, iPad — whatever — is here to stay and the publishing industry knows it and so do we.

At first, I was reluctant to accept the electronic reader. I like the bookishness of books, the way they feel in your hands, the way they fit in your bag, the cover art, the feeling of satisfaction of turning the last page. But I thought perhaps I should get with the program and start using an electronic reader.

And then I realized I don’t have to! My to be read list on has now reached 126 wonderfully exciting titles and I own most of them. Below, a few stacks of my TBR books. Other books, not even entered on the goodreads list, are scattered about in various bookcases. (And yes, I know. More bookcases required.)

There are more books in the bag, borrowed from my friend, Marlene.

Last week I finally admitted I have a problem. I am almost powerless to resist the temptation of books, although this week I did go into two bookstores and came out empty handed but that was just because I didn’t have my discount card on me. I rarely pay full price for a book. But the thing is, when I have all these books right here in traditional format, why would I buy them again in electronic format?

So I am putting off the decision on whether or not to buy an electronic book reader until I’ve read all the books I’ve already got. Let’s do the math. Say I read two books a month (and that’s about all I can manage with TV viewing, blogging, working full time, writing a novel, promoting my previous novels, dog walking) …hmm, 126 books divided by 24 books a year …that’s five years and three months worth of reading lined up. And that’s based on the highly unlikely premise that I won’t buy another book in the next five years.

So for me, the decision has been easy. No e-reader. But make no mistake. I understand the benefits every time I lug another suitcase full of beautiful books home from the UK.


One thought on “The TBR list

  1. I have places in my house that look exactly like your pic! Once, after buying more books, my hubby asked if I had read all the books I already own. Um, sure, honey, of course! Ha!

    I have no desire to purchase an e-reader as I love holding books, love the way the paper smells and while e-readers have to be turned off during take-off & landing of a plane, I never have to stop reading while flying. 🙂

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