North Carolina book tour, Day 1

One year ago, at Malice Domestic, I was invited to join fellow Canadian authors Vicki Delany and

Mary Jane Maffini on a book tour of North Carolina, organized by media escort and mystery maven Molly Weston. On Wednesday, April 20, we set off. I took an early Via train to Brockville from Toronto where I met up with my partners in crime.

The wifi on Via rail is great

We set off in heavy rain bordering on freezing, crossed the border into the United States and headed south. About an hour after we crossed the border the rain let up and the sun came out. The trees were bare with skeletal black branches. But at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, spring arrived. The trees were in full leaf and flowering trees, like magnolia, were in full bloom. The pinks, purples and whites were absolutely delightful and the vivid, fresh greens of the foliage and grasses were so welcome after our long, cold Ontario winter.

We stopped for the night in Gettysburg and after settling in, went out for an Italian dinner.

Mary Jane Maffini and I check our email.

Vicki Delany enjoys a glass of wine at dinner. I liked the name of it. Goats do Roam.


One thought on “North Carolina book tour, Day 1

  1. Hi, Elizabeth. Total jealousy here because of the weather you are having there!!! Still cold and windy in TO, though mostly bright.

    Looks like you are enjoying yourselves.


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