North Carolina, Day 3

After a great breakfast at Molly’s, we set off for our event at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The event was a small, intimate lunch with conversation.

An interesting selection of books

With Molly Weston

Lunch and mystery talk

Inspired by yesterday’s visit to Gettysburg, I wanted to buy a basic book about the American civil war. Land, one of the three owners of Flyleaf books, showed me a selection and I chose A Short History of the Civil War by James L. Stokesbury. Prior to his death in 1995 he was a professor of history at Acadia University in Nova Scotia. So it’s true that the traveller takes himself with him. My son, Lucas, is an Acadia graduate.

The lunch was catered by Sara Harris Markets and was absolutely wonderful! Happily, Sara Harris is located right next door to Flyleaf Books, so after saying our good byes to our new book friends, we all went next door to buy some fabulous seven pepper jelly.

We returned to Molly’s home to re-group and then went out for Southern barbecue for dinner.

This is, after all, the South, and good food is a big part of everyday life.


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