Easter lunch in North Carolina

Canadian mystery writers Vicki Delany, Elizabeth J Duncan and Mary Jane Maffini are on a book tour of North Carolina, under the direction and guidance of media escort Molly Weston.

Here’s what happened today, Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011.

A beautiful day in North Carolina. Bright blue sky, very warm. You might say hot, as temperature reached 90 degrees this afternoon.

Molly treated us to the most beautiful buffet at the Carolina Club in the George Watts Hill Alumni Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

It’s a beautiful campus, with quite a few celebrated alumni.

Smith Hall, the UNC theatre where Andy Griffith, of Mayberry fame, got his start.

Flowers bloom on campus

Another bank of flowers outside the Alumni Center

Pretty North Carolina girls in their summer dresses on their way to Easter lunch

An unusual table in the lobby of the Alumni Center

From left, Mary Jane Maffini, Molly Weston and Vicki Delany about to enter the dining room

Ladies who lunch

Vicki Delany tries to work out where to start

The seafood was delicious

As were the desserts

This is my red velvet cupcake

The tapestry in the dining room is late 16th century

Some of the artwork is based on old postcards

The Alumni Center features an attractive members' library

Check out the end table

After lunch, we drove out to the day lily and koi farm operated by Molly’s husband.

A basket of cotton. It represents so much to the south


One thought on “Easter lunch in North Carolina

  1. It’s my pleasure to have you wonderful Canadians visit. I didn’t realize you were taking notes while I was nattering on about North Carolina! I’m looking forward to more fun days.

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