North Carolina, Day 4

Day 4 of the North Carolina book tour was a good one. Today, we did an authors appearance at McIntyre Books in Fearrington Village. This is an interesting village, created by the Fitch family, with lovely restaurants, gardens, spa, and a well tended housing development.

The village is also home to two interesting kinds of critters: Belted Galloway cattle and Tennessee fainting goats.

Here are some photos taken at the village.

There's always someone who hasn't figured out the parking thing.

The spring gardens are in full bloom

A garden walk

A Belted Galloway cow. The village site was originally a dairy farm.

McIntyre's lists authors like a restaurant would list menu items

Saw the paperback of A Brush with Death for first time today

A three-month-old border collie/lab cross called Jasmine came to our presentation

Mary Jane Maffini and I meet the goats. Our turquoise look was a clothes coincidence.

Tennessee fainting goats. When frightened or threatened, they fall to the ground.

After the bookstore event we drove to a Barnes and Noble to see if our books were in stock, and then home to Molly’s place in Apex. For dinner we had fantastic panini sandwiches made with pimento cheese and videlia onions.

I’ve enjoyed learning about North Carolina. That the state economy used to be based on tobacco, that the singer James Taylor’s family comes from Chapel Hill where his father was dean of the school of medicine at UNC, that cotton is making a come back in the Southern states and that college basketball is big in these parts.


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