From North Carolina to Malice

We wrapped up the last couple of days of our North Carolina book tour in style.

With Cary librarian Karen Kiley

This was a fun event held at the Page-Walker Hotel, also known as The Page-Walker Arts & History Center, in Cary. The building has been beautifully restored. One can look out the window on the second floor and see the railroad tracks that run by the town. Someone told me that when the civil war ended, Confederate soldiers walked home from the war along those tracks. You could picture them, their wounds wrapped in tattered, dirty bandages, stumbling along mile after painful mile.

There was a great turn out of about 50 people, and we were happy to talk to them and sign copies of our books. We appreciated that the Canadian consultate in Raleigh chipped in for refreshments. Our tax dollars at work!

The next day we had some time for shopping and visited a few book stores. The paper back version of A Brush with Death is out now and available at Barnes and Noble.

A Brush with Death at Barnes and Noble

The last event of our tour was held at my favourite venue, the Carolina Club. One of the people who attended is a Canadian and she had a flag she wanted us to sign.

It was great to see a Canadian flag in N Carolina

Signing the flag

Mmm. Fried chicken

After the Carolina Club event we went for dinner at Mama Dips in Chapel Hill for traditional Southern fried chicken. The food was authentic and fantastic!

Fried green tomatoes

Light, delicious buttermilk biscuits

Vicki Delany gets ready to tuck in

Mary Jane Maffini liked her chicken

Finally, we went back to Molly’s to catch up on our e-mails and pack. We leave in the morning for Bethesda, MD for Malice Domestic. It’s one of my favourite weekends of the year and my favourite conference.

Molly Weston and Raggs

Mary Jane and Vicki finalize arrangements for Malice

With heartfelt thanks for a wonderful time in North Carolina, we set off the next morning for Bethesda, MD. Saw a couple of interesting billboards. The first one promoted a “Gun and Knife Show”. The next one urged us to “Transform a life! Become an organ donor!”

So it’s on to Malice.


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