I still love New York

New York is a confident city. Not only is it bursting with energy but it has an undeniable sense of itself. When you’re in New York, strolling down Fifth Avenue, say, there is no where else on earth you could possibly be except in the one and only New York, New York.
I have come to New York to attend the memorial service for the late Ruth Cavin. It was she who called me on the blustery March day back in 2008 to tell me that I had won the Malice Domestic/St. Martin’s Press award and sadly, she died earlier this year. So Lucas and I decided to come to New York for the Victoria Day Weekend.
The trip started off Awesome! We met Neil Pasricha, author of the wildly successful The Book of Awesome at Toronto’s City Centre Airport. He was on his way to Boston with his dad, I was on my way to New York with my son.
We arrived at our hotel in the Upper West side and look who managed to find her way to New York with us!Cross at being left behind on the last few trips, I think Eleanor found some space in Lucas’s luggage at the last minute and stowed away.

I should have known Eleanor would want to come. She loves shopping.

Leaving Eleanor happily sill sitting, I spent a few hours strolling the neighbourhood. Exploring the surrounding streets is part of the fun at staying at a new hotel.

Here are some photos from my walk.

A pet store on Columbus was trying to find new homes for some dogs.

I found this little red merle mix quite adorable.

West 78th is a quintessential New York street.

The TV show Damages is going to be filming here next week.

Displays of spring flowers, including lilacs and peonies, in a sidewalk display

Here's a nice refreshment stand for a thirsty dog.

New Yorkers love their dogs. Saw lots of them being walked, sitting on benches and enjoying a romp with canine friends in the dog run outside the American Museum of Natural History.

I finally reach my destination.

I didn't come here for mini cupcakes. I want the real thing! And six of them.

I take a different route back to the hotel and make my way down 72nd Street.

Do you know why these wrought iron gates became world famous on Dec. 8, 1980?

Because on this spot, about where the doorman is standing, Mark David Chapman shot John Lennon. This is the Dakota apartment building.

Gas flames flicker in the old fashioned lamps on either side of the entranceway. I don't know if they were burning that night.

A large planter outside the Dakota

The Dakota is surrounded by a dry moat. This figure is one of many on the moat railing.

The Dakota has a long and fascinating history but it’s primarily remembered for that one night. A few tourists were stopping to take photos today, as I’m sure happens every day, and I’m so glad people remember him.

And then I made my way back to the hotel along Central Park West. Eleanor was very curious to see what I’d brought.

"I think good manners dictate that you take the one closest to you."

For me?


2 thoughts on “I still love New York

  1. Truly enjoyed the ‘walk’ through the streets of ‘old New York’. And even though a city and therefore pastures are always at a premium did notice bits of MLGV here and there.
    I will tell our 4LCC of the fine work those who love companions do to assist the adoption of 4LCCs. As she was rescued from neglect and abuse she is always pleased to hear of other lucky canines who may find themselves in homes of humans who actually want them.
    Eleanor is looking quite fetching in her foo-foo attire and her fleece always looks so freshly coiffed. Esme always looks neat and tidy but fluff gets compromised in the pasture when frolicking with our charges. But know she will LOVE hair clips if you locate the ‘right’ look for her.
    As to NM aka Lucas aka OU……we will confirm that we are quite pleased to see he escorted Eleanor unharmed to her sill in your room. And from his tweets we can discern no Nefarious motivations…….but caution is always required in the pasture, first contact is always in mind.
    Enjoy CBF, NM aka Lucas aka OU and Eleanor-and give our HCs moment of silence for Ruth at her service.

  2. Enjoyed pictures. Would have taken one of the dogs home!
    I think Joe the lamb will be quite jealous of Eleanor and will miss her.

    Finally, a day without rain. Spent an hour this morning in the park with Joanne and Caroline.

    Enjoy your weekend and hello to Lucas.

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