Sunday in New York

There’s something special about a Sunday in New York. So much to choose from, everybody enjoying themselves. So here’s how we spent our Sunday.

We started the day with a hearty meal in the hotel's book-lined breakfast room

And then made our way to the site of the World Trade Center. The area is fenced off and difficult to see but just being there gives you a feel for the size of 9/11. We imagine the streets filled with people trying to escape, fire fighters and police running into buildings that others are running out of, choking air filled with ash and debris…It was jarring and distressing to see smiling tourists posting for photos as if they were at Disneyland.

America rebuilds

Construction continues

The site has been under development for years

Looking professional

At 34th Street station we met this NYPD officer and his dog. When we saw them, the dog was resting comfortably. When I asked if I might their their photograph, the officer kindly agreed and then told his dog to “sit up and look professional.” Which he did. Two of New York’s finest!

Then it was off to Broadway to see a show. Yes, that Daniel.

And then dinner at the world famous Carnegie Deli.

Share? I think not.

Lucas ordered a Woody Allen which was about the size of a wooly mammoth.

Here it is again, in all its meaty glory.

Portion control is not on the menu at the Carnegie Deli

I ordered an egg salad sandwich. I think I’ve gone off them for life.

Two giant scoops of egg salad!

Lucas bought a T-shirt at the World Trade Center that says it all.


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